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VISAVI (also known as Vis-a-Vis, Nexus-Visavi) is one of the oldest Moscow-based immigration firms. Experience and reputation are key words in immigration business. That is why many companies boast of ages of experience in their ads (check if you can). Unlike these, we have grown and matured before your eyes.

In many aspects of immigration we were the first in this country.

We pioneered immigration seminars in Moscow, St-Petersburg, Minsk, Ekaterinburg, Tomsk, Omsk, Odessa and other cities; we were one of the first to publish analytical immigration surveys; we were the first in this country to publish books and guides highlighting immigration issues (books "Immigrating to Canada", "Welcome to Canada", "Professional Immigration to Australia and New Zealand"), etc.

We started back in April 1993. These years have given us the most valuable asset - experience and reputation. We have always abided by one principle (that has become some sort of our motto) - FOREWARNED IS FOREARMED!

   Immigration to Canada. Immigration to New Zealand. Immigration to Australia. A.V. Gavrilovets — chief of «Visavi»
A. V. Gavrilovets — chief of «Visavi»

This applies to our clients who have an opportunity to be informed (and to be forewarned) about what is happening with their immigration cases.

We try our best to keep all visitors of this site informed about immigration news and problems.

Our expertise and professionalism allow us to eliminate any guesswork in immigration matters. We know what we're doing and our clients know what to expect.

You have probably noted that some of our stories in the news column appear before they are officially published. Thus we published information regarding new immigration and refugee protection act of Canada (IRPA) right from the Parliamentary sessions; we have warned you about forthcoming Embassy letters four months before they appeared, etc.


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Our partners in Canada

The immigration procedure is based more on bureaucratic principles and immigration rules rather then on a rigid legal framework. Moreover, the immigration procedure will differ depending on particular visa office whilst Immigration officers often exercise their power of discretion to a considerable degree in approving or refusing applications.

Knowledge of all these specific features allows us to be more effective.

We are convinced that effective representation of the Client as well as the close follow-up of Client's immigration cases at any stage of the immigration process is the key to success.

Working for almost 13 years we have tried to continually perfect our business to your (and ours) satisfaction.